Home Manager

Home Manager


Save time and travels to Spain. We take care of the maintenance of your home.

Visit your house / apartment / villa twice a month, open doors, windows and open the Water taps for water to run, check that there are no leaks, dampness, insects and that everything works correctly: television channels, internet, lights, etc. We water your plants.

If there is any damage and must be repaired, we will notify you immediately, We identify who should take care of the damage (owner, community or neighbors) and We maintain communication with insurance so that they can carry out possible repairs.

We ask for quotes (plumbers, electricians, technicians, painters, etc.) we send the budgets to the owner, we organize the appointments, we open the door and we are present in the repair, we check that the work is well done, we clean the house after of the works and we control the guarantee of the works.

We take care of your house as if it were ours. This service does not include new facilities (awnings, furniture reception, etc.) in this case you must hire our service for hours. Nor does it include the breakdowns they find before hiring the service.


From 90
Tax Included
  • Monthly recurring payment
  • Property visits twice a month
  • Damage repairs
  • Budget control


Full Booking Management

Playing with prices on demand to get the maximum amount of bookings possible.
• Manage reservations from the beginning to the end of the guest’s stay for all the world.
• We give the best customer service with the aim of getting the best scores in: communication, arrival, cleanliness, truthfulness and location Maintain the high score will make the ads more visible than others.
• We request a deposit from the guest from which possible damages will be discountedcaused by them.
• Delivery and collection of keys in hand or by means of a safe deposit box.
• Laundry cleaning and inventory control. We put the sheets and covers of duvets, towels, soap, cloths, scourers, rags, kitchen and toilet paper.
• We check your apartment after every booking to check that the guest leaving has left everything in perfect condition to receive the next reservation.
• Whenever you want you can ask us to block the dates for you, family or friends.
• We take care of the communication with the guests to agree on check-in and check out, explanations about the operation of the house and the appliances, and
recommendations on activities to be carried out in the place of accommodation.
• We manage collections, payments and returns to customers.
• Transparency: you will receive a link that connects you to a platform that allows you to see on your calendar with any reservations your property may have.

*The contracting of the “Rental” package obliges the owner to automatically contract the “Administration” package.

20% Of net

Check Clean

Starting at 150€.

· Key delivery. 9:30 to 20:00. Out of hours supplement of 25€
· Inventory control.
· 1 Cleaning including laundry.
(Price for owners who have contracted the “Administration” package)

Do you have any questions?

Please contact us for more information.

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